Chrome error-->Access-Control-Allow-Origin

Discussion created by crhgis on Jun 5, 2013
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When I try and access a Web Map in Chrome I get the below error. The error is related to  services that are publicly accessible.

The service was created in 10.0
The service is a publicly accessible service. (Set up using reverse proxy using ESRI White paper.)
The error only happens in Chrome, IE and FireFox, both display the Web Map fine.
The Web Map Application created from this Web Map has no problem displaying the service in Chrome(?).
Its not service specific, all services genererated from this server will not draw in Chrome but all WebMappApps are fine.
If I create a service on another machine (10.1) not publicly accessible (no reverse proxy) Chrome has no problem w/ the service.

XMLHttpRequest cannot load Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

I don't see the above error unless I use the Developer Tools in Chrome. My agol map just sits there and doesn't display anything.

The Service:

I really appreciate any help I really want to be able to access these services in Chrome.

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