UpdateMXDTags Script by ESRI in July 2010 Help with running - beginner

Discussion created by artesiagis on Jun 5, 2013
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Ok I am at a loss on how to use the UpdateMXDTags script. Based on the comment section it states the script is intended to run from a script tool and requires two input parameters. I created a toolbox and placed the script inside. When I open up ArcCatalog and double click on the script it pops up with "This Tool has no parameters". I expected the input window to appear to enter in the parameters. Obvious I am not understanding how to use this. I am an absolute beginner trying to take some sample scripts and apply them to my work as a learning process.
Note it says this was written for 10.0 - I'm running 10.1. It was downloaded from the SampleArcPyMappingScriptTools