ConvertWebMapToMapDocument creates corrupted MapServerLayer in MapDocument

Discussion created by alexmarkolov on Jun 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by ElcaProjVugis
Hi everybody,
I'm trying to print my MapService with Advanced Printing described in ESRI's 10.1 help and getting result pdf with missing layers and partially drew picture. My MapService is usual service built from ArcView publisher and contains few datasets inside. All data resides in SQLServer 2008 SDE. Nothing unusual.

I found here two main problems with ConvertWebMapToMapDocument and ExportToPdf arcpy functions.

1. ExportToPdf creates PDF before IActiveView did it refresh, so I see it as partially drew picture where features are missing sometimes on half and sometimes on quarter result map image.
2. ConvertWebMapToMapDocument creates corrupted MapServerLayer.

I spend few days trying to understand what's doing wrong and discover that ConvertWebMapToMapDocument is properly works on x86 ArcVIew Enviroment. So this misbehavior relates to x64 enviroment of ArcGIS Server.

ESRI don't want to take this as a bug.

Somebody has the same problem?