3D Label on ArcScene with ArcObjects without OpenGL

Discussion created by mzdijjw2 on Jun 3, 2013
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I have been searching a way to create 3D labels in ArcScene using ArcObjects. My plan is to display labels for each features (points, or polylines, or polygons), and take the text label from a field of their attribute table. I do not have ArcGIS Engine, I usually develop ArcGIS programs with the ArcGIS SDK on .NET framework resulting the ArcGIS Add-Ins.

My research always ends at the "Label 3D Toolbar" which was created with VB6 and uses OpenGL (VB OpenGL library for VB6 which I cannot install in .NET 2010). It fulfills my requirement to display labels on ArcScene, however, I find it sometimes does not work well with some data of mine. Sometimes it produces glitches / errors that does not display the label well (not always). So, I am planning to build a simple 3D Label tool which works for ArcScene, and if it is feasible, I want to do it without OpenGL, since my knowledge of OpenGL is very small.

The problem is that I did not find any resources, documentations, or examples from Google, or ESRI itself, that describe the way to do it in ArcObjects 10 without OpenGL, and in .NET 2010 instead of VB 6 (but the .NET-VB6 matter is only a small problem). Now, my questions are:

1. Is it possible to develop a 3D Label tool for ArcScene with ArcObjects (as the 3D Label Toolbar) without OpenGL or any other 3D Engine? Considering that we can create manually (without ArcObjects) 3D Labels on ArcScene by the 3D Graphic tool. I just add the billboarding ability of the labels afterwards.
2. Does anyone have knowledge, info, skills, or references to code it in ArcObjects?

I am looking forward to your responses. Thank you very much.