Using ArcGIS Server SSL via the Web Adaptor on a Server that already has SSL enabled.

Discussion created by tystick on Jun 3, 2013
I have installed the web adaptor on one of our web servers so as to expose AGS service externally. This web server already has SSL enabled on it.

I want to enable SSL on the AGS Server. And have followed the instructions listed here,

I want to access the service externally so I used the same �??Fully qualified domain name�?� (FQDN) which that web adaptor is installed on as the �??Common Name�?�.

The problem is my IT group, which get the SSL certificates, are not willing to do so because we already have a SSL certificate issued and installed using that FQDN.
They believe that doing so might cause the existing certificate to become invalid. 

Is this the case?

If so, what should I use as the FQDN when creating the new certificate?