Help with empty geoprocessing results

Discussion created by rockycove on Jun 3, 2013
Hello All,

I am having some trouble with empty geoprcessing result in model builder. I have a realtive simply model where an input point is buffered to x metres and then using the minimum bounding geometry tool the circular buffer is turned into a square one, this square buffer is then used to clip 58 different datasets, these datsets are then exported as one .dxf. The problem I'm running into is that for quite a few of these datatsets there is usually no data to clip in the majority of cases, this returns error 000117. When this occurs in just one of the clip routines no data is included in the resulting .dxf.

Now what I believe I have to do, is too add a If-then-else type statement to each clipping process so that I would be able to discard the outputs that have no data and only export the ones that do to CAD. However this is is far I have got with it, I'm hoping someone would be able to tell me if this is indeed the correct way to go about things and if so would i enter the code using the calculate value tool in Modelbuilder? And I guess finally what would the code look like?

Thanks in advance for anyones help