KmlLayer crashes the application when not connected to the internet

Discussion created by epaitz-esristaff Employee on Jun 3, 2013
We are trying to use the KmlLayer with a local KMZ file on our local workstation. This workstation is NOT connected to the public internet. The KML file inside the KMZ has many references to PNG files on the public internet, like the following.


When we try and view this KMZ using the KmlLayer of the ArcGIS Runtime for WPF (with UseAcceleratedDisplay = true) it locks up the application for several minutes and then finally throws an error saying the following.

Graphic Symbol is not serializable to JSON

Our guess is that its trying to resolve all of the URLs that do not exits, which takes time. Now when UseAcceleratedDisplay = false it does draw but it uses a "broken" symbol that looks like a box with an red X in its center.

1.) Is this expected behavior when not connected to the internet? If so can we change this?
2.) Why does the KmlLayer not work when UseAcceleratedDisplay = true?

We have the need to draw large KML/KMZ files thus we need the added performace of the accelerated display. What kind of Symbol is it trying to create internally (PictureMarkerSymbol)?