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KmlLayer memory leak

Question asked by bsundsbo on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2013 by bsundsbo

I'm currently using the 2.3 version of the library as we haven't been able to update yet (and 2.4 has a bug we can't live with). I reference a few KML Layers that has a refresh interval of 5 minutes. We experience a memory leak that eventually crashes the application with OutOfMemoryException. Tuning the KML file to refresh every 10 seconds will make the application eat memory quite rapidly.

I have read through the release notes for later releases, but have not found any resolved issue related to this. Is this memory leak still an issue? If it is, this is a bug report :)

I will try to build the Toolkit from with my current version to see if it solves anything, as I assume this is the toolkit that is still being used by version 10.1.1.

After removing all the classes that doesn't have to do with KML, and some other modifications because of incompatible version of ESRI.ArcGIS.Clients, I have confirmed that the memory leak is still present in the latest version (January, 2013) of the Toolkit. I do not currently have the opportunity to research it and provide a solution. Is this something the ESRI team will look into in the near future?