Can I create a Map Tile Package (TPK) as a spatial subset of data in an mxd?

Discussion created by vandervoort on May 31, 2013
Using the "Create Map Tile Package" tool, there is no option to use a spatial subset of the map extent. When you create the TPK, no matter what the saved extent of the map, the entire map gets TPKed.

Yes, there is an option to use a service (non-ArcGIS Online/Bing/Google Maps) as a tiling scheme, but I don't want to create a cached map service just so I can create a TPK for offline use.

I'd much rather use a defined extend (i.e., an envelop) to create my TPKs. For example create a TPK of just one state, even though the map has the entire country.

It doesn't need to be a toolbox tool, we'd be more than happy to wallow in ArcPy to make it happen.

So. Can it be done?