combine positive and negative costs

Discussion created by geonika11 on May 30, 2013
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Dear GIS experts,

I have a serious problem doing my network analysis and have no idea anymore how to solve it. I would be really glad if someone had an idea how to solve it!!!

My issue: I want to build a service area layer and I have to combine two costs. When building it, only one can be added as an impedance attribute. I saw that when building an network dataset, you can combine costs via scripting, but my problem is, that I have two positive fields for postive and negativ costs. I would have to sum up positive costs and reduce negative ones. As I read, negative costs are registered as restrictions, so I am searching for an alternative, but found nothing on the internet or in a forum.
So does someone have an idea?

I thought about starting with an initial ammount eg. 100 and reduce it when there are positive costs, eg. -10, or add negative costs again, eg. + 10. This would be the same for me as starting with 0 and add positive costs or reduce negative ones until 100. Is this possible?

Please,please,please help me, it's really important for my studies!
Thank you so much,