InfoWindow Arabic text Issue

Discussion created by gisplanners on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2013 by gisplanners

I am facing an issue with InfoWindow related to Arabic text. Please let me know if anybody has faced such issue before or knows how to fix it.

var infoTemplateLM = new esri.InfoTemplate("","${ptName} <br/> <br/> <span class='popupZoom' onclick='zoomToPlace(" + sCoordX + "," + sCoordY + ",12)';>Zoom To</span> ")

variable ptName is assigned some Arabic Text but when infowindow display on map, instead of that Arabic Text, i am getting very weird English alphabets. whereas instead of variable, if i insert arabic text directly then i am getting the correct result.

Note: This is happening only on Apple Safari Browsers