FeatureDataGrid on an Editable Layer with Custom Query.

Discussion created by lizard34 on May 29, 2013
I'm building a small asset tracking application using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF based on the "FeatureDataGrid" example that ships with the SDK.

One thing I'd like to support is the ability add features that don't yet have a known projection system ... which means I can't yet populate their Geometry.  I can add such records to the featureLayer.Graphics collection and it even shows up in the table.  That's all good.  The problem is that as soon as the map extent changes, the table repopulates and there is no way to access the incomplete features.

I tried manually querying the layer as a LocalMapService ... but ran into two problems:
- since the path to the FeatureLayer (which is editable) and the path to the LocalMapService are they same, I got a "LocalServerException" "Failed to create a 'LocalFeatureService' for editing as the service with the same path is already running as an instance of 'LocalMapService' which does not support editing.  This link describes a similar problem  but without resolution:

- Even if I make the ArcGISLocalFeatureLayer non-editable, the query only seems to get the extent-filtered features (my WHERE clause is "1=1" which should return all of them.

Can someone suggest a path forward here.  Many thanks.