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How to programmatically change the timeExtent of a Map when you a timeSlider?

Question asked by strider8 on May 28, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by strider8
I have a time-aware layer in in my map, and also a timeslider. The full time extent of the map is a year, with data every month.

I want that when the map loads, the data is shown for that particular month, and the slider is also on that month.

I can programatically set the timeExtent on the map, using map.setTimeExtent(), but the timeslider does not auto-update to this date.

How should the timeExtent to be set, so that the timeSlider auto-updates  along with it?

To see an reproducible example, go to the sample:, and open up your firebug/developer console, and enter
The map will show you data for the entire period, but the time slider does not update.