Examples of Manipulating MXD

Discussion created by blyefd on May 28, 2013
I am just starting off developing with the ArcObjects API (10.0 or 10.1) for Java, and would really like to find code samples of manipulating Map Documents and adding tables and graphics.  This will be in a stand-alone java application with no map display.  The use case for the feature I am developing is as follows:

  1. open MXD.  MXD already has all the layers defined and title block present. Data sources are already present (SDE, and GDBs)

  2. the map view is adjusted to show the correct envelope

  3. title block text elements are changed with new text

  4. tables are added to the map document. tables are styled with colors, etc, and data comes from a table in a GDB.  The tables are placed around the layout.  If easier, the tables could easily be embedded Excel objects with data and colours already done.

  5. Graphics are added to add callout lines between the tables and points on the map.

  6. MXD is saved

This is all done progammatically by a java application server (ArcEngine will be installed on the server).

I will appreciate any starting examples or specific documentation on the tasks listed above.