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Large tile packages not displaying in latest SDK

Question asked by mikedmanak on May 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by mikedmanak
We're building an application that loads large (3GB+) tile package from the app's iTunes documents directory.  In our apps developed using the latest version of the SDK the app fails to open the large .tpk file and displays a white screen.

I'm throwing errors to NSLog when running the app in the simulator and it is returning:
Domain=com.Esri.ArcGIS.ErrorDomain Code=10003 "Failed to open file. May not be a valid tile package." UserInfo=0x9ac7850 {NSLocalizedDescription=Failed to open file. May not be a valid tile package.

At the same time - a smaller .tpk file packaged from the same tile cache will display correctly (~300mb in size).  Both tile packages were built on the same computer using 10.1

Has anyone else observed this behavior?  Any tips?