ArcEngine license problem (Edit session)

Discussion created by mapswae on May 28, 2013
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I have a problem to start an edit session in a Engine standalone application. To make sure that the problem is not within my own code I created a new MapControlApplication with the VS2010 wizard and added the code to start an edit session.

        private void StartEditing()
            IMap map = axMapControl1.Map;

            //If an edit session has already been started, exit.
            if (m_engineEditor.EditState != esriEngineEditState.esriEngineStateNotEditing)

            //Start editing the workspace of the first feature layer found.
            for (int layerCounter = 0; layerCounter <= map.LayerCount - 1; layerCounter++)
                ILayer currentLayer = map.get_Layer(layerCounter);
                if (currentLayer is IFeatureLayer)
                    IFeatureLayer featureLayer = currentLayer as IFeatureLayer;
                    IDataset dataset = featureLayer.FeatureClass as IDataset;
                    IWorkspace workspace = dataset.Workspace;
                    m_engineEditor.StartEditing(workspace, map);
                    ((IEngineEditLayers)m_engineEditor).SetTargetLayer(featureLayer, 0);

This code throws a COM exception HRESULT:  0x8004021F and the Error code is -2147220961. I found in the help that this means that the license is not sufficient to edit this type of data (FDO_E_NO_EDIT_LISENCE).
I have an EDN subscription and I have ArcEngine and ArcGIS for Desktop Standard installed on my computer. The GDB that the map uses is a file geodatabase and contains some featureclasses and other tables that are connected with relationship classes.

I tried all possible license settings in the LicenseControl but the error is always the same.  I also copied the contents to a personal GDB - same error.

There is no problem when the map is opened in ArcMap.

What could be the problem?

Thomas Waenke