enable WFSServer via JSONarray from python?

Discussion created by lbromley on May 26, 2013
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Hello, I have about 70 services and I'd like to modify them so that WFSServer is enabled. I have modified other properties using the Python script here as an example:

However, my efforts to enable WFSServer in these services has failed as I think I don't know how to properly pass the JSON array to enable the service in Python. A common error message I get from IDLE is:

Error: JSON object returns an error. {u'status': u'error', u'code': 500, u'messages': [u'JSONObject["extensions"] is not a JSONArray.']}
Error returned while editing service{"status":"error","messages":["JSONObject[\"extensions\"] is not a JSONArray."],"code":500}

Can someone tell me the proper syntax for passing the array? The above script uses this syntax to set a single (simple) parameter:

dataObj["minInstancesPerNode"] = minInstancesNum

But how to pass a more complex array?