tableselect not returning all rows

Discussion created by codebluetoo on May 24, 2013
When running a table select against an Oracle view not all rows are returned.  If the same select is run within Oracle (via sql) all rows are returned.  If the data from the view is saved to a table via sql in Oracle, and the table is then queried via tableselect, all rows are returned.  No error is

The view has about 2 million rows and I don't want to create a materialized view.  I did notice that when the output of the tableselect is an Oracle table, the datatype created are different than the source view (mainly VARCHAR2).

The where clause selects a subset of the table.  I kept trimming the select down thinking that a single row may have a data issue but as I got to a very few rows, all rows were selected.

Any ideas what might be going on here?