Find height of lakes using lake shapefile and DEM / contours

Discussion created by blueade7 on May 24, 2013
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I've started using ArcGIS again after a 5 year break, and I've forgotten most things.
Im trying to find the height of lakes.
I have a shapefile layer for all the lakes
I have a shapefile layer showing height contours, as well as a raster DEM/DTM.
The aim then is to assign a height to each lake shape file (perhaps adding height as an extra attribute to this data).

Thinking about it, I imagine that I would need to use the raster DEM rather than the shapefile contours. Then I could take a mean of the DEM raster values cohabiting the area of each lake to assign the heights. Is there a tool for doing this type of thing?

Any help would be much appreciated.