Combining two layers using the Union Tool

Discussion created by esava1128 on May 24, 2013
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I am working with two layers and I am trying to combine them. In order to do this I am using the Union tool. The first layer I am using is a Watershed Layer and a second layer is a Distance Ring Layer.  The Union tool is doing almost exactly what I need it to do however I am having a small issue. I am combining these layers in order to get the new polygons where both watershed and distance intersect. As the tool does the union I am able to get most of the polygons, however  there are cases where I select only ONE attribute in the table and it shows that it selects TWO different polygons on my map. This is where I believe the tool fails. Is it normal for it to do this or am I using it wrong? Any suggestions on how I can fix this issue?  I have tried the Intersect tool as well however I get only the polygons that intersect and I need both layers together without getting rid of the rest of the watersheds. 

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