IDocumentPreview.CreatePreview no longer works in ArcMap 10.1?

Discussion created by RoboRubik on May 23, 2013
Since upgrading to ArcMap 10.1 (SP1), the methods IDocumentPreview.CreatePreview and IDocumentPreview.DeletePreview no longer seem to work.  Below is a bit of code that worked in ArcMap 10.0, but does not work in ArcMap 10.1.

public static void CreateThumbnailForCurrentDoc(IApplication application)
    IDocumentPreview preview = (IDocumentPreview)application.Document;    

It's worth mentioning that this interface was also buggy in ArcMap 10.0.  After calling CreatePreview, the preview would not be persisted with the MXD unless it already had a thumbnail image created using the Map Document Properties dialog's "Make Thumbnail" button.  So it functioned more like an UpdatePreview method rather than a CreatePreview method.  Still, it worked well enough to meet my need. 

In ArcMap 10.1 CreatePreview and DeletePreview will update the status of the HasPreviewToSave property, but I cannot create, update, or delete a thumbnail.

Does anyone have a working method of saving a thumbnail of the map in an MXD document?  It is very frustrating since I know this can be done since the "Make Thumbnail" and "Delete Thumbnail" buttons in the Map Document Properties dialog work.