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facilities reached from a road within 5 minutes using New Service Area

Question asked by mikbet on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on May 25, 2013 by mikbet
I have made a new service area (loaded facilities) and I need to find out which facilities can be reached within 5 minutes from a certain road. I have set it up accordingly in the service area (Analysis settings: Impedance as time, 300 ). When I now go to Selection - Select By Location to solve this, there are no options in Apply Search Distance box to choose seconds or minutes (only meters / km etc...).When I don`t include the search distance here, nothing happens, I don`t get the answer I`m looking for .

When I skip Selection - Select By Location and just choose to click Solve in Network Analyst, then I think the road I want to calculate it from is not included (the road is only in the Table of Contents window,not in Network Analyst window).

Can anyone help me?