How to read 2D points from a .txt file!!

Discussion created by accay on May 23, 2013
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I have a gtfs file called stops.txt which contains data about the bus stops and stations. I need to write python code to read in 2D points with stop name and type, i.e. stop or station and prepare it for processing. The code should return a list of (x, y, name, type) tuples. The following is the first few lines from the file.

location_type, parent_station, stop_id, stop_code, stop_name, stop_desc, stop_lat, stop_lon
0,,10000,10000,"Albany Hwy After Armadale Rd","",-32.14796,116.020217222222
0,,10001,10001,"Albany Hwy After Frys L","",-32.144985,116.018336666667

please help me!
thanks in advance!