Polygon Added to Feature Class has Zero Area and Length

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I'm copying features (polygons) from one feature class to a new feature class, using arcpy.Polygon() and an insert cursor. (I'm basically doing a copy, the hard way. But Append() wasn't working for me...long story, so here I am...) In my code below, the record for the polygon is added, but the area and length fields are zero.  When I print out the area and length values from the object created from Polygon(), I get zero values as well.  The last point in the array of points for the polygon is also the first point, so the polygon should be closed.  Any ideas/suggestions about what I'm doing wrong?
Here is my code:

import os, arcpy

coordList = [] 

copyFeats = arcpy.SearchCursor(r"C:\temp\GDBs\20130521203526.gdb\polygon")
for feat in copyFeats:
    poly = []
    for feat in feat.shape.getPart():
        for pnt in feat:
print "coordList: %s" % str(coordList)

# Create empty Point and Array objects
point = arcpy.Point()
array = arcpy.Array()

# A list that will hold each of the Polygon objects
featureList = [] 
sr = arcpy.Describe(r"C:\temp\GDBs\20130515145336.gdb\polygon").spatialReference
for feature in coordList:
    # For each coordinate pair, set the x,y properties and add to the
    #  Array object.
    for coordPair in feature:
        point.X = coordPair[0]
        point.Y = coordPair[1]
        print "add %s to array" % (str(coordPair[0]) + ' ' + str(coordPair[1]))

    # Create a Polygon object based on the array of points
    print "creating polygon"
    polygon = arcpy.Polygon(array)
    print 'area: %s, length: %s' % (str(polygon.area),str(polygon.length))
    # Clear the array for future use

    # Append to the list of Polygon objects

arcpy.CreateFeatureclass_management(r"C:\temp\GDBs\20130521203526.gdb", "polygon_py", "POLYGON", "","DISABLED","DISABLED", sr)

ins = arcpy.InsertCursor(r"C:\temp\barbados\GDBs\Ruth_20130521203526.gdb\polygon_py")
for poly in featureList:
    print "insert polygon"
    row = ins.newRow()
    row.shape = poly
del row
del ins