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Discussion created by jvillajos on May 23, 2013
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Is it possible to edit the geometry with AdvancedSymbology?
Is it possible to move a graphic with AdvancedSymbology?

I need edit an 'Message' like this:
// Create a new message
Message msg = new Message();           
//set the ID and other parts of the message
msg.Id = messageID;
msg.Add("_type", "position_report");
msg.Add("_action", "update");
msg.Add("_control_points", X.ToString() + "," + Y.ToString());
msg.Add("_wkid", "3857");
msg.Add("sic", symbolID);
msg.Add("UniqueDesignation", "1");
//Process the message using the MessageProcessor within the MessageGroupLayer

//or this Message
* |== Example Message ==|
* <message>
*      <_type>position_report</_type>
*      <_action>update</_action>
*      <_id>16986029-8295-48d1-aa6a-478f400a53c0</_id>
*      <_wkid>3857</_wkid>
*      <sic>GFGPOLKGS-----X</sic>
*      <_control_points>-226906.99878,6679149.88998;-228500.51759,6677576.8009;-232194.67644,6675625.78198</_control_points>
            *      <UniqueDesignation>DIRECTION OF ATTACK</UniqueDesignation>
            * </message>

because I need move it or resize. It is possible?