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Zonal statistics as table problems

Question asked by vhramos on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2013 by vhramos
Hi Forum.  I have been trying to use zonal statistics as table to get majority values for each polygon in a segmentation shapefile (45K polygons processed in IDRISI and exported to shapefile) from a pixel by pixel classified image.  I can do that perfectly in Arcgis 9.3 with no problems at all, but in 10.1 it has been impossible to do it right, the resulting table has just 14K records with data, or in other words it´s processing just 1/4 of all the polygons with no clue on why (no patterns on polygon size, shape or values in the classified image).  I have already asked this question and some suggested that I made sure that the projections match (did that, same results), to get service pack 1 (also did that, same results).  I have now tried to convert first the shapefile to raster and then make the zonal analysis and to my surprise this conversion yielded just 14K records in the raster.  It then appears that the problem is in this vector to raster conversion that I understand is made anyway when you use zonal stats as table.  Can someone help please?