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Discussion created by wrightky on May 21, 2013
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I am trying to learn about ArcGIS in an effort to use it inside an application I am building.  It simply needs to allow for the placing of "sensors", the drawing of polygons, and importing highly detailed terrain data.  My current line of thinking is to build a LabView program.  I hope to achieve this by building a C# .dll that can be called.  Naturally I've been looking for any kind of C# example that uses ArcGIS.  PREFERABLY one in a Windows Form application considering that's what I have the most experience in.

However, I have had a hard time reading through and understanding how the ArcGIS API works.  There appears to be many different versions (REST, SOAP, etc.) and the tutorials seem old (http://edndoc.esri.com/arcobjects/8.3/gettingstarted/walkthrough1cs.htm).  Not to mention the different types of ArcGIS (Globe, Maps).

The above tutorial in particular mentions .dll's that I don't know how to get... ESRI.ArcObjects.Core?  No clue where to get that.

So I would love input on where you guys think I should begin. Not even sure if I am in the most appropriate forum...

I have the desktop version of ArcGIS as well as the "Engine" and "ArcObjects" I think.  Does anyone know of any example projects in C# (again, preferably ones that aren't WPF)?