Need help with changing a symbology label

Discussion created by jopethemetalmessiah on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by jimcousins

I'm trying to symbolize unique values; multiple features from another layer using model builder. 

I have set up the layer file, and when i symbolize it, the new layer takes on the attributes of the layer file (not really, just displays it like it has it) instead of just taking on the symbolization and displaying its own attributes.

(ex. of what i'm talking about. I work for a real estate company, we have multiple properties to be shown which we order 1-50 or whatever with a symbology style. We symbolize by an order field, and a property address. when i symbolize it, it takes on the address of the layer file from which i'm using to reference the symbology, instead of displaying its own address info)

All of my model works when i dont include the address field and only symbolize it on the order field. it resymbolizes perfectly in this way, but i need it to display the address of each feature in the symbology labels. 

Is there a tool or script that allows me to edit the symbology labels? 
like i want to do something like --- symbology_label = !order! + " " + !address! or whatever so that i can just combine 2 existing fields and display them in the symbology label.

any help would be greatly appreciated!