Bing maps export works in GP tool, but not in GP service 10.1

Discussion created by kirkktx on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by blund87
I've been provided a .lyr file from an organization that has a Bing license.

I'm able to add that .lyr file to the map in arcmap with no problem.

I have a gp tool that opens an mxd, adds the bing .lyr file to a map, and then exports the page layout to a pdf.  It works with no problems when I run it from a local toolbox in arcmap.

However, when I publish the gp tool as a gp service, then and execute it, no bing map appears in the resulting pdf export.

This was working just a few weeks ago.  I realize the licensing is changing for bing maps.

Is there a special .lyr file I can request that works with ArcGIS server?