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Memory issues, ideas?

Question asked by lmwood on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by lmwood
Hello all, I have written script based on input from a csv that contains 4 lat, lon points per record. 
It works fine for quite a few features but attempting to run it over 100,000 or so it runs out of memory suggestions would be appreciated the 2 issues I have are below I only attached the part of the code that is having this issue:

1) it breaks on the featureList.append(polygon) at some large number of records...
If I could save and erase it each time without sacrificing to much speed would be ideal as I want to use it on even larger files.
I did attempt this before moving the copyfeatures up to the loop of lines but it increases the time too much 0.06s to 2.95 mins for 100 records.

2) I also would like to have the orginal .csv information joined to the shapefile/feature created but have not yet done this either based on the amount of time it takes to join the two together.

Maybe there is another way all together?
Thanks! :confused:

         latIndex = valueList.index(fieldNames[0])         lonIndex = valueList.index(fieldNames[1])         llLatIndex = valueList.index(fieldNames[2])         llLonIndex = valueList.index(fieldNames[3])         urLatIndex = valueList.index(fieldNames[4])         urLonIndex = valueList.index(fieldNames[5])         lrLatIndex = valueList.index(fieldNames[6])         lrLonIndex = valueList.index(fieldNames[7])          ##cursor = arcpy.InsertCursor(pointFC)         for line in inFile.readlines():         #print line             field = line.split(",")         #print fields[0]             points = [[field[latIndex],field[lonIndex]],[field[llLatIndex],field[llLonIndex]],[field[lrLatIndex],field[lrLonIndex]],[field[urLatIndex],field[urLonIndex]]]                          for coordPair in points:                 point.X = coordPair[0]                 point.Y = coordPair[1]                 array.add(point)                  ##        # Add the first point of the array in to close off the polygon             #print "array"             array.add(array.getObject(0))  ##        # Create a Polygon object based on the array of points             polygon = arcpy.Polygon(array)  ##        # Clear the array for future use             array.removeAll()  ##        # Append to the list of Polygon objects             featureList.append(polygon) ##     # Create a copy of the Polygon objects, by using featureList as input to      #  the CopyFeatures tool.         try:             arcpy.CopyFeatures_management(featureList, "feat") ##        ##arcpy.JoinField_management("feat", "OBJECTID", "csv", "OBJECTID")         except:             print arcpy.GetMessages()