Add SD file as an Item fails when trying to publish as a feature service

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Hi there
Weird workflow i know, but,

4 step publish workflow that goes wrong.
Open feature class in Desktop >> create an SD file containing the data >> Publish SD to ArcGIS online >> Publish SD as a service

I can successfully create an SD file that contains the data from a feature class using Desktop 10.1sp1. When i try to Add the SD file as an Item in ArcGIS Online and check 'Publish this file as a service', it fails and gives me the error "Unable to publish item. This Item 'd56036d890f646d4b07d22475a49d714' can't be published to Online Service". If I don't check the box, the SD file is uploaded and the thumbnail image actually shows my data, but on the SD file item details form - there's no publish button for the service!

Any help will get a gold star.