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Publish a map service

Question asked by deejay1957 on May 19, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by deejay1957
I'm a newbie to this.

I'm trying to use ArcGIS Online to publish a map service generated from a feature service, itself coming from a csv file I uploaded.

I've gotten the map service set up initially, complete with valid extents.  Long Beach, California, Left: -118.26 Right: -118.06 Top: 33.89 Bottom: 33.75 - for anyone curious.
When I next click the Manage Tiles link, it comes up with a count of map tiles to be generated; looks to be too few, but what to do?  As may be, when I next click "select all scales", then hit the button [Create Tiles], a pop-up with "Invalid Extent" appears.

Generation of the tiles seems to be necessary for viewing the feature data - right?  Well, anyhow, how to get past this?