How to script Start and Stop of Cloud Builder Site with auto scaling?

Discussion created by hmelendezgmtgis-esridist Employee on May 17, 2013
I created a scaleable site with Cloud Builder using the 10.1 Ubuntu AMI and  I want to be able to start and stop the site using a script. Using amazons API I've been able to script the fallowing tasks that are perform by the ArcGIS Server Cloud Builder wile starting/Stopping a site.

  • Start Instance/s

  • Registerd with Load Balancer

  • Create Launch Configuration

  • Create Auto Scaling group

  • Create 2 Auto Scaling policies (ScaleIn|ScaleOut)

  • Creates 4 CloudWatch metric alarms (2 Site| 2 Node)

They are all tested and working properly. My site starts and stops without any problem but I'm still missing whatever cloud builder runs with the ArcGIS Server Administration API. I do not know what Builders creates or does that automatically registers on-demand instances as part of my ArcGIS Site so that they work as a cluster and how it makes the data accesible to my on-demand instances. Also cloud builder does not recognize that my site is started when I use my script as it shows the option to start it.

Can anyone give me some insights as to what Cloud Builder does to add new on-demand nodes to my site and enable the data to be accessible to this new node?