Tutorial: Advanced high-quality web map printing/exporting using arcpy.mapping

Discussion created by ionarawilson on May 17, 2013
Hi guys,

I am trying to learn more about publishing webmaps with geoprocessing services. I followed a tutorial to create high-quality webmaps:

However when I click to see the maps it always brings the same map (NorthwesternUSA), but with the right label. For example, if I clicked on CentralUSA, it brings the NorthwesternUSA map with the CentralUSA label. And even if I click on the layers to turn them off and on, only the same layers show on the map, which tells me it is bringing a map already stored in the server.
I am not sure why this is happening, but I am guessing it could be that when I copied and pasted the python script to create the maptask for the geoprocessing service, I ran it right there, before creating a python script tool and following the other steps. If that is the case, do you guys know what I should do to fix this? Thank you so much for any help!!!

Attached is the image of the application and the map it created.

The URLs for the pdfs in two attempts are: