Determine fire response time zones

Discussion created by recurvata on May 17, 2013
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The fire department wants a map showing 5 and 7 minute response zones around each fire station. The only time data available is response time to past incidents, and our street layer doesn't (reliably, anyway) have speed limit data. It does have road class, such as freeway, major arterial, minor arterial, collector, etc., so I could put a default value for each of those if it would help.But since the speed limit doesn't apply when responding, don't know if it would help.

I don't know how to determine the response time from this data, though. Rarely use Network Analyst, although I have done a little with it in the past. One of the tutorials has an example showing closest stations to an incident with travel time and directions, but this isn't exactly what I want. Is there a reasonable way to do this with the data we have? Thanks.