ArcGIS Site Server goes offline - Web Adaptor stops working

Discussion created by bdwinal on May 16, 2013
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ArcGIS Server 10.1 and Web Adaptor 10.1

We have multi-machine deployment that we are trying to make highly available.  Two Web Servers, with Web Adaptors both pointing at GIS Site that has 6 GIS Servers. When configuring the Web Adaptor, we use the URL to one of the GIS Servers in the Site.  All well and good to this point.  We would like the web adaptor to be able to continue working when the server, configured with the web adaptor, abruptly goes offline.

However, after testing, when execute a shutdown of the server that the web adaptor is registered with, I am no longer able to get to view/access any of the GIS Services?

- Is there anyway to configure the Web Adaptor to continue working under this scenario?
- Seems like a single point of failure in the system.


Ben Dwinal