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With info from selected feature, search a folder to find a raster for Clip Tool???

Question asked by EJAY_L on May 16, 2013
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Background info:
1. A folder contains all the GeoTIFs - scanned and georeferenced airphotos.
2. A manually created polygon shapefile - outlining the areas wanted to keep for each and every above mentioned GeoTIFs.
3. The attribute table of the polygon shapefile has file names of the GeoTIFs.
4. Software: ArcGIS Desktop 10, Arcview License with Spatial Analysis Extension.

Manually Works This Way:
In ArcMap, select a polygon in the shapefile and use that to clip a specific raster which removes the edges and overlapping with adjacent images.

Want to accomplish:

- Build a model that will select a polygon in the shapefile and use the info from the selected polygon to search a related GeoTIF image from a folder and clip the image/raster. This will require an iterator in the model to have it repeat until all the clippings are done.


I can insert an iterator in the model to select a polygon each time but how can you use that info, e.g. a unique field name to find the raster from a folder? The found image will be the input to the Clip Tool.

Can you shed some light on this? Thank you!!!