ArcGIS server - Image service cache issues

Discussion created by antonypaulm on May 15, 2013
Hi All,

We are facing few issues with published imagery service. We are enabled the caching from server level for the service. The issue is unless the staffs clear their local cache through ArcMAp (even though the service specifically set not to be stored locally) that it appears to be affecting the results. That is users get the image loaded in the TOC and the coordinates show on the map view but no image is seen it is blank.

The work around is before loading the service users has to clear their local cache to get the seamless view of the image. But this is not a practical solution at all, I am wondering is there any permanent fix for this problem.

The issue look like,

When the image layer is added to a new ArcMap session, ArcMap finds the remnants of the previous cache folder structure and re-uses it. However, because the cache folder structure is incomplete, the image doesn't display.

When users manually clear the display cache, the incomplete folder structure is deleted.
Add the image service again and a new (complete) cache folder structure is created and the image displays ok

Does anybody face this issue? Please advice.

ArcGIS 10.1/SQL Server/ Windows server 2008 R2.