ArcGIS Online Subscription Users vs Publishers

Discussion created by kreuzrsk on May 15, 2013
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We have an organizational subscription as part of an ELA negotiated by my supervisor who has since retired.  I got a copy of the paperwork which says our subscription is at Level 2, whatever that means, and includes 50 named users.   Members of our staff that took part in the negotiations tell me that we our subscription is limited to 50 publishers not 50 users and that we can add more than 50 users to our organization subscription as long as no more than 50 are publishers. 

Does that sound right?  As an administrator for our AGOL subscription it shows that we currently have 5 of 50 members.  Before I start inviting users to join I want to make sure if the limit is all users or just publishers.  I'd appreciate it if an ESRI employee can give me a definitive answer.  Thanks.