speed and robustness - best OS for ArcGIS server?

Discussion created by Cyndy on May 15, 2013
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Hi folks -

I am tasked with configuring an ArcGIS Server (10.1) for my group at work.  I am entirely 'green' at ArcGIS Server anything, but I do have a wealth of experience with Linux & Unix running other types of server processes, just not GIS ones.  I do have a person that is part of my group that runs an independent ArcGIS server, and he has installed ArcGIS 10.0 server on Windows and can assist me with a configuration there, if I go the Windows route. 

My question is, 'all things being equal' is there a preferred OS for running an instance of ArcGIS Server, and if so, what?   Would one expect things to run more smoothly on a Linux system, for instance, as is often the case compared to Windows?  Or am I better off, in the interest of time and ease of setup, to stick to what we know and install my new ArcGIS Server under Windows.   If tehre is no significant performance difference, perhaps I should stick with Windows.  However, I imagine from other experiences that a Linux box would be more stable, but I don't foresee our new server having tons of traffic so I do not think that's a big issue.  What other factors should I be considering here to help guide my decision?

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.