Updating OS of machines in a 10.1 site

Discussion created by mreidy on May 15, 2013
   I looked at help, white pages & google and didn't see any recommendations on how I should deal with individual machines, needing patching, that belong to a multi-machine site.

My site has the configuration & directories folders on a NAS share, not on one of the AGS servers. Windows 2008 R2 on VMWare. AGS 10.1 SP1

For OS Patches:
   Should I, one at a time, remove them from site, patch/update, join them back to the site? Switching manager to another machine before doing the last one, or just patch & restart each machine without bothering to remove from site?

For ESRI patches & service packs:
   Should I mimic the plan of backing up & restoring the site?

   Remove all from site, patch one, create new site using the existing configuration & directories folders with the same site administrator account. Patch & add the rest.

I'm looking for 'best practices' type of information...