Dissolve doesn't seem to work

Discussion created by nfergusn on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by cesar.w.oliveros
I've been trying to dissolve a street file for a couple of days now, and it doesn't seem to respond. I've tried several different approaches to running it and none of them seem to work, so I'm thinking there's a bug with the geoprocessing tool itself. I originally tried to run it on a moderately large line feature class (roughly 1.3 million records) via a python script by splitting it up into regions. I dumped each region into a separate shapefile and it works for the majority, but then hangs when it gets towards the end of the file. I also tried running it on as few as 5000 records and let it run for more than 12 hours and it only says that it's dissolving, but gives no indication of status. I've tried running it with both a feature class and a shapefile as input and output, and it results in the same hung process. Has anyone else experienced this?