Web Application Issues Since Last AGOL Update

Discussion created by mof1452 on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by tgarrison
I have an organizational subscription account and created quite a few applications from webmaps using the configurable application templates provided (just the canned cloud apps, nothing hosted by me).  A few of them are not working properly as before the update and am I'm wondering if anyone else is having similar issues or can identify solutions.  These application templates are giving me grief:

Tabbed Storytelling - The underlying webmaps show up normal as per map ID (layers, popups OK), but the splash screen image and text, title, and tab names do not reflect the text input from the configuration.  Also, I hit the configure button on the web app and it shows all of my input text, title, etc. as before the latest update when the web app worked fine.  No Bing maps are used in the underlying web maps.

3-Way Map Viewer - This app no longer displays any parts of the underlying webmap(s) which included Bing basemaps before the "Bing phase-out", even though the webmap (with Bing) can still be viewed itself without issues.  It appears there is a breakdown in between the webmap and the web this congruent with the Javascript API now requiring a Bing key?

I have done troubleshooting for both of these web app issues using multiple browsers (ie, chrome, firefox) and clearing the cache.  I have also recreated the problems on multiple workstations, even building a new web app from scratch. With proprietary data I am unable to share the map links on here, unfortunately.

Has anyone had similar issues or have suggested solutions, particularly for the tabbed storytelling app problem?  I can live with the Bing key registration issue with second problem, but suspect a common bug might be occuring for others.

Thanks for any feedback.