Problem importing ArcHydro toolbox

Discussion created by JacobCoble on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by JacobCoble
I have a question regarding the proper use of the ImportToolbox command.
We're trying to import the ArcHydro toolbox in Python, but the script stops at the arcpy.ImportToolbox command.
Here's what we have:

# Load required toolboxes
arcpy.ImportToolbox("W:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Desktop10.0\ArcToolbox\Toolboxes\Arc Hydro Tools.tbx", "archydrotools")

We've tried using "archydro" and "ArcHydroTools" as aliases to no effect.
We thought the spaces in the toolbox name might be causing the problem, so we copied the toolbox to a local drive, renamed it without spaces, but still no luck at importing the toolbox.

Thanks for any help you can provide!