Impedance cutoff for demand points and impedance cutoff for Problem Type

Discussion created by basiuunia on May 13, 2013
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I have 2 types of points, for one group impedance cutoff is 15 minutes, for other 20 minutes. So I did attribute in demand points layer, where it's determined. When I loaded demand points, I choose this attribute  in Property like Cutoff_time (Cutoff_[Impedance]).

ESRI writes in help: "Demand points can override the distance cutoff for the location-allocation problem type. This is useful if some demand points have different needs or behavior. For instance, when prepositioning ambulances, it may be acceptable to reach everyone within four minutes, except for areas with a high-density of elderly people, such as senior centers, which require a faster response time of two minutes."

Now my question. In settings of Problem type e.g Minimize Impedance should I define Impedance_cutoff or not, if I determined cutoff for demand points.