bathymetric map

Discussion created by belmanes on May 10, 2013
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I'm in a project where I'm supposed to make a bathymetric map of a flooded crater. I'm testing how to do it and I had a few problems.
A remote controlled boat collects the data by a GPS (location and depth). At my office, I take the SDCard from the boat and the file is a text format. The information on the file is like this:


I tried to use 2 programs to import the data - Undersee Explorer and ArcMap but none of them were able to recognize this format (.txt). I also tried GPSBabel to convert but it didn't work.
I need a file in sonar log (.slg or .sl2). I'm pretty sure that is not a hard issue, but I can't figure it out - I've never done this before.

Any suggestion will be welcome!

Thank you!!