dynamically unpacking an .mpk

Discussion created by tals on May 8, 2013
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I'm developing an application that should support .mpk as well as other (local) file types.
All the layers are presented in a tree and the user can control their visibility, Opacity, Min/Max resolution and change the tree structure/hierarchy.
For .mpk files I am required to "breakdown" the package and expose the inner layers like any other non-packed layer (and support the functionality mentioned above).
This could hopefully be achieved without unpacking the file to disk...

I was thinking about creating an "ArcGISLocalDynamicMapServiceLayer" for each internal layer in the package and hide all the other layers (setting Visibility to false). Then I could load each internal layer independently into the map.
I guess this should work, however, I'm concerned about the performance implications.
Few questions:
1) I will obviously need to initialize the layer and set the visibility before loading it into the map. Does initialization of a layer (in particular an ArcGISLocalDynamicMapServiceLayer) load the layers geographic data?
2) Does the Map control only loads the visible data (i.e., the visible internal layer)?
3) Does this idea even make sense?

Many thanks!