Looking for a ???Sharing??? option

Discussion created by jrflannery on May 8, 2013
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Within my ArcGIS Online for Organizations subscription, I am consuming secure map service from my ArcGIS for Server 10.11 by using the '+Add Item' in the My Content window.  I then create and save an ArcGIS.com map that contains the secure map service.  Finally, I Share my map with a Group.  If I don???t also Share the secure map service to the same group, the map cannot display the secure map service.  Members of the group now see two items in the Group folder and are confused which to open.

I wish that the ???publisher??? of a map could add an unshared secure map service item from a My Content folder to an ArcGIS.com map and then share the map (with map service) to a group.  This would keep the one or many map services behind the scenes and less distracting/confusing to group members.  The ???sharing??? of the map and its content is the key to map service access.