OnRenderEnd event

Discussion created by beck3905 on May 7, 2013
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I have not been able to find any events either on the Map or FeatureLayer objects that can be connected to for when a layer has finished rendering on the map.  I have code that sets the Renderer of a FeatureLayer dynamically based on user input.  When I call FeatureLayer.redraw() the layer shows the new symbology on the map, but my legend doesn't update until I call legend.refresh().

I have wrapped my Renderer code in its own custom widget, which is not aware of the legend.  What I would like to do is connect the legend.refresh() to either a map event or layer event.  The ideal event would be one that is fired when a layer (or the map) finishes drawing, but I haven't found an event in the API for onDrawEnd of the Map or FeatureLayer.

Is there an event that is fired when a layer or the map finishes drawing even if the extent hasn't changed?