Saving and opening files on different computers?

Discussion created by sethmartin1024 on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by rborchert
Ok, I am a student that is working with Arcmap 10.1 for the first time. I have been able to use it fairly well until now.

We are working on a project in class and have been saving everything we do on flash drives so that we can take it home with us. I    can save and open my work on any computer in our computer lab, but when I get home, I can't seem to find any of the files I've been working on.

Both the lab computers and my computer are running Arcmap 10.1, but my computer is using the student version of 10.1 that I got   with my textbook.

I have double and triple checked that the files were on my flash drive before I left the lab the last time. Is there something that I'm   missing?